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Language Access Planning Workbook

Staff Engagement Is Key to the Success of Any Language Access Plan

Language access planning requires a lot of planning, a lot of research, and a lot of attention to detail. It's a big job, and after you get your plan set up, you have to explain how it works to the staff who will be using it.


If you didn't know that all ready, then we're about to fill you in.


CLI's Language Access Planning Workbook contains 8 steps for navigating the research, creation, and revision of a language access plan. In this workbook you'll find:

  • Considerations for laying out your language access plan
  • Recommendations for the different people you might want to get involved
  • Ways to boost staff engagement
  • Helpful language access materials
  • Information about video remote interpreting (VRI)

Download the workbook and find inspiration for implementing, maintaining, and engaging your staff around a language access plan.

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